Tie game, bottom of the 9th, 2 outs… Kevin Butler steps up to bat, bases are loaded with PSP, PS2, and a PS3 versions of MLB 10: The Show… BOOM!… Grand Slam! PlayStation wins! PlayStation wins! The crowd goes wild!

[Source] Thanks PlayStation LifeStyle


Sony struck gold and then some when they relaunched the PlayStation 3 via the slim 120GB model back in September. Besides the overwhelming sales of the PS3, the introduction of the “It Only Does Everything” tagline and commercials hit a cord with gamers and non-gamers alike. Sony has realized the continued potential of these commercials and you’ll be seeing them throughout 2010.

In an interview with IGN, Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and PSN confirmed that Kevin Butler will appear in more commercials than just the MAG commercial..he’ll be sticking around through 2010.

“From my perspective, this is a campaign that has a lot of life left it in and a lot of legs. We love the campaign and we love what it’s doing for the PS3. Frankly, ‘It only does everything’ is kind of a future proof message in and of itself. We talked about future proof technology and 10-year life cycles. And if you think about what’s on the rise for PS3 with motion-controlled gaming, that fits right into this positioning that ‘It only does everything.’ ‘It only does everything’ means everything it does up until today, but when motion control comes onto the scene, the message ties directly into that type of functionality as well. You can expect to see Kevin Butler inject a lot of life into the PlayStation brand between now and the rest of the year.”

This is fantastic news for Sony, as we can all remember, past PS3 commercials didn’t hit the mark with anyone. And who wouldn’t want to see more Kevin Butler?